Welcome to my New and Improved Organic Beauty Blog

This blog is about being organic and green and I, the author, am chemically sensitive, but I am putting the focus on being organic green and my blogposts are informative and offer suggestions for healthy green living.  If you have a suggestion for a holistic organic product or website/blog that is along the same lines and you would like to do a link trade or you would like me to write and publish a blogpost about it, please feel free to contact me and we will chat about it.  If any of my readers are familiar and experienced with wordpress and you believe in what I’m striving to accomplish here, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook or send me an email and let’s connect.

You can follow me by clicking on my social media buttons to the right on this blog.  This is my contact information:

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Thank you.

Peace Love Blessings Gratitude,

Dayna :)

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