2 Special Gifts Giveaway for Valentines Day Organic Beauty Ebook and Handmade Beaded Earrings

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As my special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with organic beauty, I’m offering these 2 special gifts between now and February 14, 2016.  My book, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity, teaches men and women from all walks of life how to enjoy nontoxic organic beauty completely free of harsh toxic petrochemicals. Yes, guys need a helpful boost with this just as much as women do.  If you wear cologne, aftershave, use deodorant, wash your hair, use commercial detergent, and you buy all your personal care products from a mainstream pharmacy or supermarket, I say this with kindness, but you need to read this book.  Synthetic toxic fragrance is in everything and men’s cologne is just as overpowering, toxic, and dangerous as women’s perfume.  The good news is that men have the same healthy, nontoxic, organic, safe, option alternatives as women do.  My book will show you how to identify the toxic offenders in your personal care hygiene and replace them with gentle, safe, healthy, organic products that will make you feel good and those close to you who may be sensitive and be adversely affected.  My dear husband is almost as sensitive as I am and I’m very sensitive to harsh fragrance chemicals.  He got sick and tired of our painful exposure and he came up with the title of my book, which we both think is very appropriate.  The best way to enjoy beauty, cleanliness, and feel good and stay well and healthy with your self-care is to be an avid label reader, vote with your wallet and shop only in stores that care about you, the animals, and the planet.  Nothing is more important than breathing clean air, right? Right! So, here is your chance to win a FREE Gift copy in ebook pdf format and treat yourself to some healthy, green, organic beauty ideas, women too! 🙂

I’m also giving away 1 FREE pair of my handmade plastic beaded earrings that I am selling in my handmade jewelry shop.  I make beautiful beaded earrings with semi-precious, glass, and recycled beads and I was making them with plastic beads, but I’m now clearing them out because I only make semi-precious, recycled, and glass now. So, here is your chance guys to win a FREE pair for your special lady in your life and ladies you can win a FREE pair to enjoy, before all the pairs are sold out!  I made all the earrings myself.  You can read more about my organic book here and my handmade jewelry shop here. You can read more about the pair of earrings I’m giving away here.  Please read the rules of the giveaway here.

Good Luck! 🙂

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