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The title is exactly as it sounds. Looking good and feeling good is an art form.  Our daily routine of taking great care to look and feel good requires a lot of energy and time, so, we should make the time valuable and wonderful.  My book, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity, teaches men and women from all walks of life how to enjoy nontoxic organic beauty completely free of harsh toxic petrochemicals. Yes, guys need a helpful boost with this just as much as women do.  If you wear cologne, aftershave, use deodorant, wash your hair, use commercial detergent, and you buy all your personal care products from a mainstream pharmacy or supermarket, I say this with kindness, but you need to read this book.  Synthetic toxic fragrance is in everything and men’s cologne is just as overpowering, toxic, and dangerous as women’s perfume.

The good news is that men have the same healthy, nontoxic, organic, safe, alternatives as women do.  My book will show you how to identify the toxic offenders in your personal care hygiene and replace them with gentle, safe, healthy, organic products that will help you feel good and will help those close to you feel good who may be sensitive and be adversely affected.  My dear husband is almost as sensitive as I am and I’m very sensitive to harsh fragrance chemicals.  He got sick and tired of our painful exposure and he came up with the title of my book, which we both think is very appropriate.  The best way to enjoy beauty, cleanliness, and feel good and stay well and healthy with your self-care is to be an avid label reader, vote with your wallet and shop only in stores that care about you, the animals, and the planet.  Nothing is more important than breathing clean air, right? Right!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, applying your makeup or styling your hair. Imagine that you are applying something so smooth, so gentle that smells so beautiful and aromatic, it smells just like you picked a fresh organic herb right out of your garden, like mint, chamomile, sandalwood, lemon, orange, or patchouli. Imagine how wonderful it feels to apply a lipstick to your lips that soothes and moisturizes and feels so wonderful and gentle, your lips actually feel alive and healthy. Now, imagine that you an actually eat the lipstick because it contains safe organic ingredients that if you accidentally got some in your mouth, it would be ok and safe to eat it.  Of course, I’m not actually suggesting that you eat it like food, but 1 of my mottos is “it should be safe enough to eat.”  Now, imagine applying some refreshing citrus vanilla, patchouli, or sandalwood creamy hair gel to your hair that helps you style it with ease and smells so wonderful and feels so wonderful in your hair, you don’t feel in a hurry to wash it out because it is safe enough to leave in if you forget to wash it out.

Now, open your eyes and look at your beautiful image in the mirror.  Look at your natural organic beauty that you just uncovered because you put natural organic plant essences on your skin and in your hair that are nontoxic and healthy and gentle.  This is what men and women like my husband and I do everyday when we start our day and are fresh out of the shower or bath.  This is just an example of the simplicity of holistic organic self-care beauty.  If you keep your routine simple, you can easily spend less than $100 on all the products you need to feel good and look good.  It’s much better to accentuate your true inner beauty than to cover it up with harsh toxic ingredients that don’t belong anywhere near your skin.  This is 1 of the reasons why at 46 years of age, my skin is healthy, clean, soft, smooth, and youthful. I’m saying this not to brag, but to show you that you can enjoy the same benefits.  I’m a very simple down to earth woman and I care about my appearance, but I care mostly about feeling good.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that the harsh petrochemicals in today’s everyday cosmetics are harmful and harsh to the skin and suffocate the skin cells.  Of course it helps to eat healthy balanced nutrition, get plenty of rest, laugh, hydrate, and enjoy self-care that helps you feel good.  It’s important to focus on what you put in and on your body. Treating your body like a temple with tender love and care is all encompassing.

What People are Saying about Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity:

“Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity” teaches practical, simple ways to lead a more healthful, chemical-free life without sacrificing your style and looking like the stereotypical granola-munching, patchouli-wearing frump. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) You can look, smell, and be fabulous without putting your health at risk.  Tonya Aria Jewell, Writer

“Terrific!  You totally nail the Hollywood Vanity syndrome, that (sadly) is transmitted to the world at large.  Well done!”  Ed Begley, Jr., Actor, Environmental Activist, Director, Writer

Dayna cuts to the chase with why your internal health is directly dependent on what you do to the outside! Chemicals in perfumes and lotions are killing you. Learn here!”  Ian Jacklin, Holistic Activist, Founder, iCureCancer

The one thing I can promise you is that when you read this book and take the time necessary to educate yourself and understand what you need to do to green your beauty and protect your health, you will feel empowered and strong and much wiser.  Give yourself the gift of health and show your body that you care and love it and want to take good tender loving care of it.  You will be so happy that you did. :)

You can order my organic beauty book here – Ebook – $9.99 and Paperback – $11

Dayna Colvin is a holistic organic writer. She is a holistic, organic, wise Mama. She loves writing about her gentle, holistic, self-care lifestyle and sharing tips with other Mamas about how to enjoy holistic self-care and feel good and stay well. She is a very active environmental advocate and animal rescue advocate. She and her husband live in the Pacific NW, USA and are happy parents of an adorable Cherub baby boy and share their home with 2 adorable, wonderful, sweet cats, their furry babies. To learn more about Dayna and her holistic organic writing voice, visit her Organic Wise Mama blog: You can reach her via email at permadeva at yahoo dot com




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