About Me and My Journey As An Organic Green Mama

Hello, my name is Dayna and I am a holistic organic writer and Mama.  I am what is known as a “canary”.  I was exposed to high toxic overpowering levels of synthetic artificial scented products, including commercial detergent fumes, and today I am severely chemically sensitive and asthmatic.

Thankfully, I am able to breathe easy in my own home because my dear husband and I are completely holistic organic chemical-free and we use only plant essences…nothing poisonous or polluting our indoor air.

I work from home because I was severely injured in the workplace from horrible artificial perfume employees were wearing and they made me very sick.  My adorable beautiful little boy is a wonderful inspiration and is the loving light of my life.  He is the reason why I write and raise awareness and help people make their lives green, organic, holistic.   He is a wonderful child who represents our future and it is my profound responsibility as his Mother to do my best and do my part to protect the air we breathe and maintain a small carbon footprint on Mother Earth.

I write articles and books about holistic organic self-care.  It is my intention and desire to inspire my readers to green their life and vote with their wallets, enjoying a healthy, organic, holistic lifestyle.  I will be sharing some helpful information on this blog, with great new product recommendations to help you enjoy organic holistic health and wellness.  Please click on the link on the top righthand side of this blog to read about my family’s painful healthcare plight journey.  We need your kind help and support!  Please stay tuned and visit often.

Much Love Gratitude Blessings,


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