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December 27, 2015 permadeva Uncategorized


I’m in the process of taking my old “notperfume” website and turning into an interactive blog where I can post my thoughts more often, keep it simple, and customize it.  I’m a wordpress beginner so unfortunately there is a learning curve involved, so please be patient and pardon the dust as I figure out how to build this and create a warm welcoming atmosphere for my organic minded readers.  Since this blog is about being organic and green and I, the author, am chemically sensitive, I’m doing my best to compile all my content and make it as presentable as possible.  If any of my readers is familiar and experienced with wordpress and you believe in what I’m striving to accomplish here, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook or send me an email and let’s connect.  This is my contact information.  You can follow me on social media by clicking on the social buttons to the right on this blog and you can send me an email to my address below.

Email: My Yahoo Email

Thank you.

Peace Love Blessings Gratitude,

Dayna :)


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