The Painful Life Of A Chemically Injured Canary Is Unfair

September 6, 2017 permadeva Organic Clean Green Beauty

I am fed up with being denied access to enjoy life because people are addicted to their toxic artificial scent and insist on wearing it everywhere, including in the sacred great outdoors, like the beach and park, where artificial scent does not belong.  Artificial scent is all encompassing and includes the toxic detergent used to wash the clothes people wear and the shampoo to wash their hair.  My family recently took a drive to a nearby beach to enjoy summer and some fresh cool air and at first, it was pleasant and lovely, but that lasted for five minutes because several passersby walked past us and nearly killed us with their artificial scent stink.  We made a beeline back to our minivan and drove from one natural place to another and after the third attempt, we gave up and drove home.  It gets very hot during the summer and we are forced to leave the front door open to let some fresh air circulate and the moment we open the door, we are assaulted by an overpowering blast of detergent fumes, seeping out from the dryer exhaust from neighbors.  I sobbed for an hour, feeling physically sick and disgusted with the fact that my hair stank of detergent and perfume and my husband empathized and consoled me and encouraged me to write about how I feel, which is what I’m doing now.


We are modern day canaries.  In the days of the coal miners, the coal miner would enter the mine carrying a caged canary and if the canary keeled over and died, the miner knew he had only a few moments to run for escape before they were exposed to toxic fumes, primarily carbon monoxide.  We are modern-day canaries being used and abused by the petrochemical industry, primarily fragrances.  Everyday, more people are becoming sick canaries and are dying.   There was a time 20 years ago when I could go anywhere I wanted and breathe easy and not have to worry and the detergents back then were nothing like they are today.  Because of the proliferation of these neurotoxin poisons, my family is home bound and we rarely go out, except to do grocery shopping and go to a nearby park, where we are grateful to be alone much of the time.  There is beautiful green everywhere and we can enjoy breathing fresh clean air.  The life of a disabled, chemically sensitive, environmentally ill canary is very painful and if anyone had to walk a mile in our shoes, they would understand and empathize.  It’s not fair that we have to suffer because mainstream people in the Western world cannot live without their toxic artificial scent and believe all the lies they are hearing from the billion dollar commercials being shown on television.  There is that famous popular phrase that is still used today, “kill your television,” but to be honest, I watch syndicated sitcoms at night that are loaded with commercials and I press the mute button.  I see the popular brand names that make me cringe and I cannot even stand hearing their brand names.

My point is that I have not killed my television and I am able to think for myself and I use the mute button.  I could say there is a very simple solution and educate and share the knowledge I have about toxic vs. safe and organic, but as long as the mainstream masses are listening to the ridiculous rhetoric and are addicted, my wise solutions will fall on deaf ears.   If I could wave my magic wand like a superhero and get people to listen and use organic essential oils instead of artificial scent and make their own homemade biodegradable detergent with vinegar and baking soda, I would, but that is not the reality of today’s mad addicted world.  But I will say this, just because you are not able to relate to our pain today and you are not suffering, doesn’t mean you won’t suffer tomorrow.

I grew up as a mainstream girl and I was not informed or educated until I was an adult.  The difference is that today’s scented products, including detergents, are 10,000 times more potent and addictive than they were 30 years ago.  Sadly, all I can do is what I am doing, write, express, and share my feelings and knowledge wisdom like I am now, do my best to take good care of myself with holistic, healing, herbal, self-care, and connect with friends and readers on social media who are receptive to my message and are willing to listen.  The old expression in the 60s: “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem,” is just as relevant and true today as it was back then and once a person learns the truth, they cannot stop knowing what they know to be the truth.  The Great Spirit has given me the beautiful gift of expressing my thoughts and feelings via the written word and I will continue to use this gift everyday with gratitude, strength, and courage.  One thing you can do to help me is to support my work as a disabled writer and order my organic beauty ebook: Organic Beauty Book, which is full of invaluable information and helpful healthy tips and organic self-care product recommendations and share with your friends.  You can also make a kind donation using paypal.  You can click the paypal button on the right hand side of my blog.   You can browse my Rocky Mountain Oils website and treat yourself and your family loved ones to wonderful healing essential oils.  Rocky Mountain Oils Thank you for listening.  Peace and Love,


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