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May 28, 2016 permadeva Organic Clean Green Beauty

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As was stated in the ’60s, “if you are not part of the solution, then, you are part of the problem.”  Sadly, this phrase means a lot more today.  In the 21st Century, humanity and corporations have caused so much environmental damage, it’s a miracle that we can still breathe clean air and enjoy the healing benefits of Mother Nature.  As a sensitive earth steward, it pains me deeply to see all the abuse being done to the air, the groundwater, the wildlife, the animals, and each other.  I say each other because there are many people like me who have become canaries who are environmentally ill from overwhelming exposure to today’s petrochemical toxic soup.  Back in the day of the coal miners, the miners would go into the cave holding a caged canary and if the canary fell over to its death, it was a clear sign that there coal deposits very near and the miners had seconds to quickly escape or they would be blown to bits.

Today, canaries are the environmentally ill sufferers who are consistently being made ill by the overwhelming use of everyday scented commercial products in households across the nation.  Considering how these neurotoxins are making people sick, just imagine what they are doing to the planet.  We are talking about all scented products – detergent, perfume, cosmetics, cleansers, deodorizers, shampoo, fabric softeners, scented candles, and many more.  You will find these scented products in pharmacies, supermarkets, and cosmetics stores.

You will not find these products in natural organic stores that sell only natural organic products.  Being part of the solution is an all encompassing idea.  When you buy a product, your hard earned money is supporting two things – the store where you bought it and the company that manufactured it.  Think about it, if you are buying a commercial mainstream product that you are seeing million-dollar advertisements for on TV, it is very likely that product was manufactured by a billion-dollar corporation that has only one interest – fattening the wallets of its shareholders.  The corporation has no concern about the environment, the air you breathe, or the animals.  That being said, it is very clear what your hard earned money is supporting when you buy a toxic poisonous product.

When we speak about “being part of the solution and not the problem,” we are saying that it is very simple.  You have a very simple choice to make.  You can either spend your money on a product that is healthy and safe and natural  and very earth friendly, or you can spend your money on a product that will harm everything and everyone in its path.  I have been asked a question many times.  “It seems a bit complicated. How do you make healthier choices?” My response is very simple: “you need to learn how to become a label reader and educate yourself about the difference between something natural like peppermint and lemon and something synthetic and toxic like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol (PEG).  My motto is very similar to that of kosher laws, “if you cannot pronounce it, forget it.”  “If in doubt, do without.”  We all have a profound responsibility as citizens of earth.

We have a responsibility to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we walk and stand on.  The time is now to get outraged and squeak and vote with your wallet.  Today, I tweeted an absurd tweet, but the idea is to get people’s attention and make them think. The tweet reads, “Wear ‪organic‬ ‪green‬ ‪nontoxic‬ or wear nothing! ‪Organic‬ ‪green‬ ‪self-care‬ is ‪sexy‬. Is your ‪perfume‬ ‪safe‬ to ‪drink‬?” As absurd as it sounds, it really makes you think. Of course, no one is going to drink their perfume, but if you accidentally got some Earth Mama Angel Baby body wash soap in your mouth, the worst thing that will happen is you may feel a bit foamy soap feeling in your mouth.   But if you accidentally got synthetic perfume in your mouth and swallowed it, let’s just say that you’d be rushing off to the emergency room.  The combination of all the toxic petrochemicals and hormone disruptors and phthalates is a powerful toxic poisonous combination and could make a lethal bomb, not to mention, the alcohol.  Considering that you are putting the perfume on your largest organ, your skin, and your skin absorbs everything fast, like a sponge, imagine what these toxic poisons are doing to your internal organs.  Again, the cosmetics and fragrance industry is not going to share this with you.  They have a lot to lose – billions of advertising money – by telling you the truth and if they told you the truth, you wouldn’t want to buy or use the perfume, right?  Want to learn more and learn how to empower yourself and become an avid label reader and protect your health and your family’s health?  You can read more in my organic beauty book, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity. Click this link to read more.

I encourage you, the reader, to vote with your wallet and read this very important information and share it with everyone you care about who needs to hear this message.  The best approach to raising awareness and creating positive change is to live by example and tell everyone you know.  Imagine if all households across the country made the simple healthy organic green switch.  Imagine how much healthier the air would be to breathe and how much healthier the planet would be.  The time is now.

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