We Need More Scent Awareness When It Comes To Our Children

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In the 21st Century we are living in one of the most toxic unhealthy eras in history.  The toxic petrochemicals our children are exposed to on a daily basis is a toxic soup that is leading to causing neurological disorders like autism spectrum disorder.  Neurotoxins are found in all scented products from commercial detergent, deodorizers, personal care and cosmetics, and they are found in common household cleansers.  What is adding insult to injury is that our children are being forced to be exposed to these neurotoxins in schools and healthcare facilities, including hospitals.  Both settings are very inappropriate places for the use of such toxic products.  I write this stating health facts, but also from a personal perspective, a very painful one, because my dear four year old son was exposed to high levels of neurotoxins when I was pregnant because I was forced to breathe overpowering commercial scented detergents, what I refer to as air poisoners, and scented personal care products, during labor because the hospital where I gave birth had a very casual scent-free policy and left it up to the staff’s personal discretion.

My son was also exposed to scented products with neurotoxins in doctor’s offices and the Early Intervention program in the local public school.  The moment we, my husband, our son, and I, walked in the front entrance of the school, we were exposed to overpowering commercial detergent fumes and synthetic fragrances and scented products the teachers and students were wearing on their persons.  In addition, the administrator of the program wore overpowering scent on her person and the teachers working with our son stank horribly of commercial detergent and sanitizer, hand soap.  In addition, parents smoked right outside the classroom window on the school campus.  This toxic madness must stop now.  I have no choice but to protect my son from these harmful neurotoxins.  Studies are being done now about the effects of neurotoxins on the brain and how they inhibit learning.  This article was written by a champion of this issue and states very clearly how children are being affected and what needs to be done.  http://ensia.com/features/what-are-we-doing-to-our-childrens-brains/

If you are a Mother of a special needs child and he or she was exposed to neurotoxins, please contact me.  If you are a celebrity who feels very passionate and cares about the air we breathe and you know parents with autistic children or you have autistic children and you can help raise a stink, (no pun intended, since this is a very deadly serious issue), and spread the word about this, please contact me.  I also need to get in touch with an influential politician who cares deeply about this issue and can tackle it.  I need all the help I can get to spread the word and make a stink.  My contact information is all over my notperfume blog here.  Thank you.

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