Iso E Super was created by IFF (International Flavours & Frangrances) in 1973. They describe it as “smooth, woody amber with unique aspects giving a ‘velvet-like’ sensation”. It is not an individual compound, but a mixture of isomers (same molecular formula with different orientations). These are large molecules which cannot always be detected by smell directly from the bottle. On the skin it may seem to vanish, but then reappear. It can overcharge the olfactory receptors, rendering the wearer anosmic to it, to then slowly release, making the scent available again. Avoid overdosing; others will smell while you may not. Some insist that Iso Super has pheromonic qualities; it enhances and improves the bodys natural scent, as well as other frangrances. Try layering it with another of your favourites.

100ml spray bottle

50ml spray bottle

10ml travel + 2 refills

1.7ml sample vial