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Vetiveryl Acetate

The sight of Vetiver grass belies the complexity of scent contained within its roots. The odoriferous chemicals in vetiver oil are numerous and the ratios vary greatly depending on where the plant is grown. Typical descriptors include earthy, woody, green, fresh, sweet and smoky.

Distillation and fractionization can be used to isolate or reduce certain compounds, altering the scent profile. Crossing with acetic acid reduces some undesirable aspects, and works to further smooth and soften the oil, resulting in a cleaner, creamier scent.

Our vertiveryl acetate is derived from Haitian vetiver, taking the best features from the finest essential oil. This resultant semi-natural can be described as smoother and more ‘velvet’ with a sweet, fresh note, minus the bitter smokiness present in the parent oil. No additives, preservatives or antioxidants are used.

Whilst often found in colognes, it is not fair or accurate to call it a masculine-only scent. Standing well on its own, vetiveryl also pairs very well with fougeres, chypres and florals, adding complexity and depth.

100ml spray bottle


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