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The scent of the Indian sandalwood tree has been treasured for millennia. In more recent years, over-harvesting has led to the near extinction of Santalum album in the wild. High quality oil distilled from old trees has become extremely rare and expensive. Efforts to create sandalwood-like molecules began in the 1930s and have intensified with time.

In 1996 the Swiss company Givaudan named their new ‘natural synthetic’ Javanol. Derived from natural α-Pinene sources, Javanol is considered the gold standard among sandalwood scents. Givaudan describes it as “the latest generation of molecule… having a rich, natural, creamy sandalwood note.”

With some of sandalwood’s dry astringency removed, leaving a soft slightly spicy woodiness, a crowd-pleasing scent that invokes a warm and earthy sophistication; an affordable luxury. Like IsoSuper and other, large base molecules, Javanol has ineffable, ethereal qualities that may seem to come and go, and change over time. If worn often or in larger doses, the wearer will periodically stop smelling it, while others will still be able to, only for it to later reappear in seemingly new variations.

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